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What's New

There are two CD's that are done and one that is still to be edited. They are soon to be reissued, as we are currently out of stock. As soon as they are available, there will be a notice with links on this page. Bookmark this page and come back later, please.

Live at the Coffee Gallery Backstage

Awaken the Dreamer

Jon's studio CD of selected material is being reissued in new packaging. Coming soon.

The Coffee Gallery Backstage is 'the place to play' if you want to deliver your music to the audience. This show was a split bill with "Doo-Doo-Wap" a couple of very funny guys with great musicianship. They're not on this CD, just me.

Live at ThetaSound Cafe

I love live shows, where I can look the audience in the eye and be aware of every nuance of their reactions to the material. It's the hot-seat, for sure, not for the faint of heart, but to deliver the song right there, face to face and in your shirtsleeves, is what entertainment is all about.

The Best is Yet to Come

A Country album of story songs is in the works. Some of the stories are true, some are pure fiction, but the plan is to make it one that will be at the top of your collection for years to come. The working title is "Lifetimes".

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