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About the Artist

Jon Batson - Songmaker

Jon Batson has been writing and singing his songs in the US and Europe since the 60's. Currently headquartered in Los Angeles, he has sung before the
Kennedy family, performed at the prestigious Arts Club of Washington and was televised nation-wide from the National Cathedral. His musical travels have
taken him to Spain, Portugal and China, where he performed before the Vice-Premier and did a special performance on the Great Wall itself. In addition to performing live; his songs have appeared on Murder She Wrote, The Tonight Show and Midnight Special; he has had five original stage musicals produced; a string of album and CD releases; and wrote and recorded the official song for San Jacinto, California. When you catch him on stage, you will find a good mix of humor with simple stories in an easygoing country  style, stirred well with a little blues and ragtime.

My Friends

Randy Tobin runs Theta Sound. He helped me record many special projects and has always backed me up at every turn. We are working on a new 'Live' album.

Deedee and my wife, Eileen, met on one of those jobs musicians take. We became fans of one another. She is a very talented lady. You should get her CDs.

SongNet is a songwriting group in Pasadena that has shown me a great deal of backup and support.

Songsalive! is in the USA and Australia. Here is where I have met the best songwriters and learned the most.

Songwriter Bob Hilliard sponsored me into ASCAP many years ago.

Gilli Moon started Songsalive! She is a wonderful songwriter and performer. I was a big fan years before we met. It is my honor that she has agreed to produce an album with me.

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